Minecraft 1.12 modding with forge – 11 – Update Forge

Hello everyone! In this part I will show you how to update forge! This won’t be a long part because it is really simple!


I’ll be updating from forge 1.12- (The same version as installed in part 1) to forge 1.12.2- (The latest stable version at this time, go to the forge site to check for the latest).

Go to the folder where you installed forge and open the build.gradle file with your text editor of choice, I use notepad++.  Now search for

 minecraft { ... } 

Here change the value after version to the new forge version, I will be changing it to 1.12.2- I’ll also change to mapping to the newest snapshot because there isn’t a stable mapping for 1.12 yet (and no snapshot for 1.12.2 but the latest works for it), you can check the mappings here. At the time of writing the latest is: snapshot_20180106. Make sure you replace the “-” with a “_”!

Now we need to run 3 commands using the command prompt/powershell. If you don’t know how to use that check part 1. The commands to run are:

 gradlew.bat cleanCache
gradlew setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies
gradlew eclipse 

Ofcourse the last command can be different if you don’t use eclipse. This will take a couple of minutes, cleanCache takes about 5 seconds for me, setupDecompWorkspace 3 1/2 minutes and eclipse 7 seconds.

Now you can start eclipse and forge should be updated!

That was all for this part! I hope you learned something, as always if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Saw any errors? Please tell me!
Till next time!



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