Site breach

Hello everyone, today (27-11-2018) at around 10 am (GMT+1) I discovered some problems with the website, mainly the css was not loading. After investigation and help from people in the discord I found out that a plugin I use (GDPR Compliance) had a security issue which enabled people to create admin accounts, and these accounts […]

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Site changes!

Hello everyone! I am changing hosts so there will be some changes on the site, instead of the site will now be on ~suppergerrie2

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Quick update

Hello everyone! I’m so so sorry I haven’t been posting more parts of the tutorial. School started and I don’t have any time to work on the tutorial. When I have more time I will start posting again, but till then you can comment ideas for the tutorial, and if they are simple to do […]

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Welcome! Today came online! I will post my projects and other random things on this site. It is a little empty right now, but that will hopefully change soon!   ~suppergerrie2

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